Zurich Youth and Children's Seminar 2012

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The FIS Autumn Meetings 2012 took place in Zurich (SUI), Hotel Zurich Airport (SUI) from 2nd October - 7th October 2012.



The 10th seminar programme [1]


1. "New Kids on the water" by Martin Vogler, Management and Head of Youth, Swiss Sailing Federation [2]
2. "World Snow Day – Status report" by FIS Andrew Cholinski, World Snow Day Assistant [3]
3. "World Snow Day Concept Example I" by Sammy Salm, CEO Best of the Alps
4. "World Snow Day Concept Examples – impulse presentations from National Ski Associations" by Poland – Renata Nadarkiewicz, by Spain – Eduardo Valenzuela and by Ukraine – Julia Syparenko
5. "YOG 2012 Innsbruck – CEP programme" by Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General [4]
6. "Summer Activities, Nordic Disciplines" by Berni Schödler, Swiss Ski Association [5]

Working Groups:

  • Alpine, lead by Arno Staudacher
  • Nordic, led by Satu Kalajainen and Harald Haim [6]
  • Snowboard / Freestyle Skiing, led by Denis Giger

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