Zurich Youth and Children's Seminar 2010

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The FIS Autumn Meetings 2010 will take place in Zurich (SUI), Hotel Zurich Airport (SUI) from 29th September - 3rd October 2010.

  • Information [1]
  • Timetable [2]


1. "Potential Arguments to Establish Ski Sport as Part of the School Curriculum", by Stefan Künzell, Sportpschologe [3]

2. "Development of Integration of Ski Sport in Schools in Armenia", by Gagik Sargsyan [4]

3. "The Support of a Gouvernment for Youth and Children's Skiing", by Lorenz Ursprung [5]

4. "The Norrköping Model - All Young People on Snow", by Charlotta Bürger Backström [6]

5. "Youngsters, the Future of Skiing and FIS", by Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General[7]

6. "Update Bring Children to the Snow Project (SnowKidz)", by Riikka Rakic [8]

Working Groups:

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