Zurich Youth and Children's Seminar 2009

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Well-attended Youth Seminar

The 2009 FIS Autumn Meetings was held in Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport (SUI) and the participants have been warmly welcome by the hotel management and staff. It is the eighth time that the conveniently located facility just 1.5 km from the major airport has put its various meeting rooms at the disposal of the many FIS officials, National Ski Association delegates and the representatives of many partner and sponsor organizations.

The beginning of the meetings week was again presented by the 7th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar, held.on Wednesday 23rd September. 70 participants representing 40 nations had a busy day discussing various ways of financing youth sports through partnerships and ways of making sure that youngsters stay with the sport through to adulthood. External speakers included representatives of partner companies such as soft drink Rivella and ski manufacturer Stöckli, as well as of the ski schools, ski lift companies and governmental organizations.

Ken Read, Chairman of the Youth and Children's Coordination Group, summarized the seminar discussions: " We have seen today that there are many good ideas and we will find ways of implementation in the different nations." He added: "Today's seminar has shown that it is not only to bring the children to the snow but to find the right measures to keep them there. This seminar enabled the participants to exchange their many ideas in this area and we will be building on this dialogue in the future."


[edit] Program

The seminar program can be found here [1]

[edit] Presentations

1. "Sponsoring, miracle instrument to finance ski sport for children and youngsters?", by Jean-Baptiste Felten [2]

2. "Target group youth and children for Sponsors Migros and Rivella", by Rogenmoser, Uhlmann, Peter [3]

3. "The role of the ski school" by Lotte Nogler, [4]

4. "The efforts of the Swiss cable cars", by Fulvio Sartori [5]

5. "How we can retain our athletes on snow - the Canadian model" by Colin Chedore: [6]

6. How does the ski industry contribute to youth advancement? by Stephane Cattin, Can be found here (only in German): [7]

7. Update "Bring Children to the Snow", by Riikka Rakic, [8]

[edit] Working Groups

Group Sponsoring: [9]

Group Competition: [10]

Group Resorts: [11]

[edit] Also see

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