Zurich Youth and Children's Seminar 2008

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The 6th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar 2008 was held in conjunction with the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zurich (SUI) on 30th September and 1st October 2008.


[edit] Program

The seminar program can be found here [1]

[edit] Presentations

1. "The perspectives of young people to winter sports/skiing" by Dr. Helene Karmasin can be found here [2]

2. "Integration of ski lessons in the school curriculum" by Mila Andreeva, Bulgarian Ski Association, can be found here [3]

3. "Status Report, FIS Campaign Bring Children to the Snow" by Jens Thiemer, CNC [4]

4. "Next steps" by Riikka Rakic, FIS Communications Manager, can be found here [5]

[edit] Working Groups

Questions can be found here [6] [7]

Framework can be found here [8]

Summary can be found here [9] [10]

List of participants can be found here [11]

[edit] Also see

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