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Your Move 2011 is a major event in May and early June in Helsinki, Finland. Organised youth sports and the sporting event, which gathered approximately 42 000 during6 days.

Your Move a major event was the idea of how you want to move and exercise.About 60 different and was involved in about 60 different type of union, which organised activities in their respective points from the Helsinki Olympic stadium environment.

Finnish Ski Association cross-country points was played floorball event launched on skis. The idea is to play in the skis and ski boots and wearing floorball floorball ball bat in hand with floorball. The event young people were able to play in the natural snow even in summer heat wave were begun. The event was aimed at 13-19 year olds. Most of the ski event in floorball was tried from 10 to 19-year-olds. The event was played in a game of 2-4 teams, either in installments or 2x3min 2x6min items. Your Movessa approximately 1,000 young people got to experience what it feels like to play floorball skis. Suksisähly reached by school groups that came with the teachers' interest and wanted to explore the multi-sport and see how it affects young people. All had tried the game after the game with a smile and they think skiing was highlighted in a fun way.

Target Group

  • Youth 13 - 19 year

Timing Annual Mai - June

Contact Information

Henna Sivenius
+350400 997 418 [1]

Video: [2]

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