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Why host the FIS Freestyle World Championships?

  • The FIS Freestyle World Championship is the most important Freestyle Skiing competitions held by the International Ski Federation.
  • These biennial Freestyle World Championship competitions are only equaled to those of the Olympic Winter Games, which occur every four years.
  • To be recognized as a FIS Freestyle World Champion, is the ultimate accomplishment in Freestyle Skiing.
  • The FIS Freestyle Championships first took place in Tignes FRA in 1986. The Alpine and Nordic Championships started in 1924 and the FIS Snowboard World Championships started in 1995.
  • Since that 1986, the FIS Freestyle Championship have been held thirteen (13) times.
  • The 11th FIS Freestyle World Championships have been held in Madonna di Campiglio Italy and occurred from March 5 – 10, 2007.
  • The 12th FIS Freestyle World Championships have been held in Inawashiro Japan and occurred from March 3 – 8, 2009.
  • The 13th and 14th Freestyle FIS World Championships will be held in Deer Valley USA 2011 and Voss NOR 2015 respectively.
  • The 15th FIS Freestyle World Championships will be held in Kreischberg AUT in January 2015. These championships will be held at the same time with the FIS Snowboard World Championships.

An exclusive set of ski areas, some of them recognized as ‘The Best in World’, have played host these FIS Freestyle World Championships. By hosting these championships, the ski area sets itself apart from their direct competition by hosting these competitions.

Hosting the FIS Freestyle Championships provides at opportunity for National Ski Associations and their top-level ski resorts to show the world some of the best ski facilities and have best skiers test these slopes.

The Freestyle FIS World Championships attracts extensive media and TV interest. The TV distribution and exposure is extensive in the host nation and on the international basis.

The value of the TV exposure and the general media exposure is high with between 60 to 80 hours of national and international TV distribution.

The events of Freestyle are focused on and towards a young and youthful market place.

The Freestyle Skiing competitions are very well produced and entertaining events, which attract large spectator audiences, which in turn, create exciting looking competitions on television.

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