What Is Required in a FIS Freestyle Start and Result Sheet

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(What does the '''ICR''' Rule Reference '''3045.2.2''' indicate about Official Results Information?)
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(Are these results sheets according to the '''3045.2.2''')
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What Competition Details are needed to run a FIS Competition?

What is the Key Information that make a result unique?

Course Data



What does the ICR Rule Reference 3045.2.2 indicate about Official Results Information?

see 3045.2.2

  • Start List example, Aerials [1]
  • Aerial Qualification [2]
  • Dual Mogul Results web based results [3] verses pdf files [4]
  • Halfpipe Final Results [5] verses pdf files [6]
  • Ski Cross results [7] verses pdf files [8]

Are these results sheets according to the 3045.2.2

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