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*'''[[Halfpipe]]''' *'''[[Halfpipe]]'''
*SlopeStyle *SlopeStyle
-*'''[[Technical Delegate Education]]'''+*'''[[FAQ Freestyle Skiing]]'''
|style="width:18%;font-size:95%" valign="top"| |style="width:18%;font-size:95%" valign="top"|
*'''[[Officials Education]]''' *'''[[Officials Education]]'''
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'''Freestyle Skiing''' is an '''[[discipline]]''' of the '''[[sport]]''' of Skiing . '''Freestyle Skiing''' is an '''[[discipline]]''' of the '''[[sport]]''' of Skiing .
-'''Freestyle Skiing''' produces free information to support the development of Skiing. 
-== Freestyle Skiing infos ==+ 
 +== Freestyle Skiing Rules ==
See how you can . See how you can .
* '''[[International Competition Rules]]''' * '''[[International Competition Rules]]'''
* '''[[Growth of Freestyle Skiing]]''' * '''[[Growth of Freestyle Skiing]]'''
-* '''[[Freestyle Equipment Rules]]'''+* '''[[Freestyle Equipment Rules]]'''
-* xxx+* '''[[FIS Freestyle World Cup Rules]]'''
-* xx+* '''[[Rules of the FIS Points Freestyle]]'''
-== Freestyle Skiing projects ==+== Freestyle Skiing Competitions ==
-Here is a short list of the main items hosted by the Freestyle Skiing:+Here is a short list of the main competition series of FIS Freestyle Skiing:
-* Freestyle Skiing, the main program, is a Olympic Event of Skiing.+* '''[[FIS Freestyle World Cup]]'''
-* XXX.+* '''[[FIS Freestyle World Championships]]'''
-* xxxxx.+* '''[[Olympic Winter Games]]'''
=== Glossaries and Information === === Glossaries and Information ===
-* [[Mogul Glossary]].+* '''[[Mogul Glossary]]'''
-* [[Aerial Glossary]].+* '''[[Aerial Glossary]]'''
-* [[Ski Cross Glossary]].+* '''[[Ski Cross Glossary]]'''
-* [[General Definitions]]+*'''[[Half-Pipe Glossary]]'''
-Discover also XXX.+*'''[[Timing Glossary]]'''
 +* '''[[Snow and Weather Glossary]]
 +* '''[[General Definitions]]'''
 +Discover also '''[[Abbreviations]]'''.
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<h2 style="margin:0;background:#cedff2;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3b0bf;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">XXXXX</h2> <h2 style="margin:0;background:#cedff2;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3b0bf;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">XXXXX</h2>
-'''[ Download VLC!]'''+'''[ ]'''
-[[What is Freestyle Skiing?]]+[[]]
* Checkout all the ''possibilities'' of * Checkout all the ''possibilities'' of
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{|style="border-spacing:0px;margin:0px 0px" {|style="border-spacing:0px;margin:0px 0px"
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-* Officials+* '''Officials'''
-* [[Judges]]+* '''[[Judges]]'''
-* [[Technical Delegates]]+* '''[[Technical Delegates]]'''
| |
-* XX+* '''[[Competition Procedures]]'''
-* XXX+* '''[[Competition Details]]'''
-* XXXXX+* '''[[Technical Installations]]'''
|} |}
-== Tips and Tricks ==+== '''Tips and Tricks''' ==
-* XXXX+* '''[[Working with Snow]]'''
-* XXXXX.+* '''[[Freestyle Equipment List]]'''
-* XXXXX+* '''[[Ski Related Definitions]]'''
-* XXXXXX+* '''[[Job Descriptions]]'''
</div><!-- end of center column --> </div><!-- end of center column -->
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=== Freestyle Knowledge Base === === Freestyle Knowledge Base ===
-Our [[Knowledge Base]] has information on+Our '''[[Working with Snow]]''' has information on
-* XXX+* '''[[Snow and Weather Glossary]]'''
-* XXXXX+* '''[[General Definitions]]'''
-* XXXX+* '''[[Snow and Course Preparation]]'''
-* XXX+* '''[[Snowflake Gallery]]'''
=== [[Frequently Asked Questions|FAQ]] === === [[Frequently Asked Questions|FAQ]] ===
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== Edit the Wiki! == == Edit the Wiki! ==
-Please note that to modify the content of the Wiki, or to submit articles or FAQ questions, you need to be identified. + 
-Please create an account, this is very fast. +
'''Checkout the special for this wiki.''' '''Checkout the special for this wiki.'''

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Welcome to Freestyle Skiing Section of the FISwiki,
This is the reference and information project on Freestyle Skiing.
We currently have 2,959 articles.

What is Freestyle Skiing?

Freestyle Skiing is an discipline of the sport of Skiing .

Freestyle Skiing Rules

See how you can .

Freestyle Skiing Competitions

Here is a short list of the main competition series of FIS Freestyle Skiing:

Glossaries and Information

Discover also Abbreviations.


[ ]


  • Checkout all the possibilities of
  • World Cup
  • Olympic Games
  • World Championships

Competition Information...

Tips and Tricks

Support / Get Help

Documentation:Documentation|Official Documentation

Freestyle Knowledge Base

Our Working with Snow has information on


Report Bugs

Help the project

In this section, you can find how you can help and participate to the Freestyle Skiing project;

  • XXXX

Organizers Corner

Freestyle Skiing is also a development community that you can join.

You can help Freestyle Skiing by developing, doing artwork, providing photos and doing translations ...

The Developers Corner contains various information relative to development: Howtos, work in progress, ...

Edit the Wiki!

Checkout the special for this wiki.

Feel free to add to this site, however, keep content appropriate and useful. This is not the place to report bugs or to request help. See our info on bug reporting.

You can try the wiki syntax in the Sandbox, the test page.

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