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*'''[[Review of changes to Freestyle Skiing ICR Spring 2010 - Antalya, TUR]]''' *'''[[Review of changes to Freestyle Skiing ICR Spring 2010 - Antalya, TUR]]'''
*'''[[2010 FIS Freestyle Skiing TD Seminar Curriculum]]''' *'''[[2010 FIS Freestyle Skiing TD Seminar Curriculum]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate Standards]]'''
 +*'''[[List of Homologated Ski Cross Start gates]]'''
 +*'''[[Standards the For Homologation of the Ski Cross Start Gates]]'''
 +*'''[[The Starter]]''' and *'''[[Ski Cross Start Command]]'''
 +*'''[[The Assistant Starter]]'''
 +*'''[[3020.2.21]]''' '''[[The Start Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[The Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[4507.8.1]] [[The Start Ramp]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time]]'''
 +*'''[[Start Gate Lanes and Start Positions]]'''
== Also see Related Officials== == Also see Related Officials==

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The Start Referee The Start Referee must remain at the Start from the beginning of the official inspection time until the end of a training / competition.

  • Ensures that the regulations for the start and the start organisation are properly observed.
  • Determines late and false starts.
  • Communicates immediately with the Jury at all times.
  • Reports to the referee the names of the competitors who did not start and informs the Jury of all infringements against the rules, such as false or delayed starts or violations against the rules for equipment.
  • Ensures that reserve bibs are at the start. (FS0610-3)

[edit] Also see

[edit] Also see Related Officials

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