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*'''[[2010 FIS Freestyle Skiing TD Seminar Curriculum]]''' *'''[[2010 FIS Freestyle Skiing TD Seminar Curriculum]]'''
 +== Also see Related Officials==
 +*'''[[The Chief of Competition]]''';
 +*'''[[The Referee]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Course]]''';
 +*'''[[The Course Designer]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Maintenance]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Course Equipment]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Gate Judges]]''';
 +*'''[[The Gate Judges]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Timing]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Scoring]]''';
 +*'''[[The Finish Officials]]''';
 +*'''[[The Competition Secretary]]''';
 +*'''[[The Bib Coordinator]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief Steward]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Press]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Sound and DJ]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Medical and Rescue Services]]''';
 +*'''[[The First Aid and Medical Service]]''';
 +*'''[[The Start Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[The Finish Referee]]'''
---- ----

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The Finish Referee The Finish Referee must remain at the finish from the beginning of the official inspection time until the end of a training/competition and throughout the training and the competition.

  • Ensures that all the regulations for the organisation of the finish and the inrun to the finish or landing hill and out-run/finish area are properly observed.
  • Supervises the Finish officials, the timing and the crowd control in the Finish area.
  • Must be able to communicate immediately with the Jury at all times.
  • Reports to the Referee the names of the competitors who did not finish and informs the Jury of all infringements against the rules.(FS0610-3)

[edit] Also see

[edit] Also see Related Officials

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