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[edit] Different Level of Officials

  • Task, Technical, Administration, Support
  • Level, Basic Level, Management Level,
  • Responsibility

[edit] Overlay Concept

  • Overlay being the planning, design, installation and management (or any element of the proceeding) of temporary facilities to enhance the operations of a major sports event.
  • Course, Slope, Ski Run
    • Snow Overlay to a Course
  • Fence Overlay
  • Technical Installations Overlay
    • Timing and Data process Overlay
    • Officials Overlay
    • Safety Overlay
  • Officials Overlay
  • Operations Overlay
  • Medical Overlay
  • Sponsorship Overlay

[edit] ICR New Rules and Revisions

    • Rule Precisions

[edit] FIS Point Calculation

  • FIS Freestyle Points System [1]
  • FIS Freestyle Points Lists [2]

[edit] Freestyle Skiing Glossary

[edit] Freestyle Course Homologation Program

The PDF Files for the homologation procedures and forms can be downloaded here:[3]

An Example of Ski Cross Homologation can be reviewed here" Image:COP Homologation Ski Crosss example.pdf

[edit] Snow and Course Preparation

[edit] TD Responsibilities – Post Event

  1. What Is Required in a FIS Freestyle Start and Result Sheet?
  2. TD responsibility for confirming information
    1. FIS Code
    2. Codex

[edit] Pre-Competition Communications

Watching the Weather around the World and what is the Snow Like

  • Check the weather and recent snow fall using the Snow Forecast web '' see the web site here;[4]

Review of the Competition Invitation

  • Here is an example of the:[5]

Review of the Schedule of Events

Here is an example of the schedule: [6]

  • Course Set: By the Organizers in the Relations with the Teams Captains'
  • Training Sessions: Duration and number of sessions
  • Competition Schedules: Qualifications and Finals
  • Awards: Where and When

Competition Organizers

Course Specifications at the Local Competition Site

[edit] Competition Program Design Process

[edit] ISS

Duration 20 minutes

  • Injury Survey Report
  • TD requirements

Here is the ISS file that needs to be used: Image:Injury-form-final.pdf


- Trends and What to Do

- Recommendations and items of interest from past season’s TD Reports

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