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[[Image:Raking snow off of the kicker.jpg|500px]] [[Image:Raking snow off of the kicker.jpg|500px]]
 +== Also see Related Officials==
 +*'''[[The Chief of Competition]]''';
 +*'''[[The Referee]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Course]]''';
 +*'''[[The Course Designer]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Maintenance]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Course Equipment]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Gate Judges]]''';
 +*'''[[The Gate Judges]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Timing]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Scoring]]''';
 +*'''[[The Finish Officials]]''';
 +*'''[[The Competition Secretary]]''';
 +*'''[[The Bib Coordinator]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief Steward]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Press]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Sound and DJ]]''';
 +*'''[[The Chief of Medical and Rescue Services]]''';
 +*'''[[The First Aid and Medical Service]]''';
 +*'''[[The Start Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[The Finish Referee]]'''
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The Chief of Course is responsible for the preparation of the courses in accordance with the decisions of the Competition Committee and the Jury. They must be familiar with the local snow conditions on the terrain concerned.

[edit] Also see Related Officials

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