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In close cooperation with the Sponsor Telenor, the Norwegian Ski Federation offers clubs all over Norway a unique competition concept for children. The offer includes starting bibs, start and finish banner, official gifts for all participants, T - shirts, diplomas, and various other promotion equipment for the organisers. All competitions have to be registered on an official web site organized by the Norwegian Ski Federation. To be an official Telenor Karusell organiser the clubs have to organise a minimum of three competitions throughout the season. Promotion activities are done by the Norwegian Ski Federation in cooperation with the clubs mostly through a web site. The Telenor Karusellen is for all disciplines in the Norwegian Ski Federation and had 39000 participants in 2007.

Overall Focus

  • To support competitions in Norway organized by national ski clubs

Target Group

  • National ski clubs


  • Telenor


Ongoing / no specific information available

Contact Information

Helen Ingebretsen
Head of the department for education and children’s activity of the Norwegian Ski Federation [1]

Link [2]

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