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-Freestyle Judges Stands;+== '''Freestyle Judges Stands''' ==
 +*'''[[Mogul Judges Stand]]'''
-[[Mogul Judges Stand]]+*'''[[Aerial Judges Stands]]'''
-[[Aerial Judges Stands]]+*'''[[Judges Seperations]]'''
-[[Judges Seperations]]+== '''Data and Timing Stands''' ==
 +*'''[[Timing and Scoring Areas]]'''
-[[Timing and Scoring Areas]]+== '''Timing Systems and Set Ups''' ==
 +* '''[[Inrun Speed]]'''
 +* '''[[Mogul and Ski Cross Timing]]'''
 +* '''[[Dual Mogul Timing]]'''
 +* '''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time]]'''
 +* '''[[Ski Cross Final Timing Plan]]'''
 +== '''Aerial Course Installations''' ==
 +* '''[[Inrun Markers]]''' for '''[[Aerials]]'''
 +* '''[[Wind Measurement Systems]]'''
 +* '''[[Windsock]]''' for '''[[Aerials]]'''
 +== '''Mogul and Dual Mogul Course''' ==
 +*'''[[Control Gates]] Mogul'''
 +== '''Start Gates''' ==
 +* '''Dual Mogul Start Gates'''
 +* '''[[Ski Cross Start Gate]]s'''
 +* '''[[Finish Line Camera]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time Measurement]]'''
 +== Also See ==
 +*'''[[Wind Measurement Systems]]'''
 +*'''[[Freestyle Timing Booklet]]'''
 +*'''[[Freestyle Equipment List]]'''
 +*'''[[Freestyle Skiing Basic Course Information]]'''
 +Return to '''[[Freestyle Skiing]]''' or '''[[Competition Organization]]'''
 +[[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]][[Category:Freestyle Skiing]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]] [[Category:FIS Freestyle World Cup]]
 +[[Category:FIS Freestyle World Championships]]

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[edit] Freestyle Judges Stands

[edit] Data and Timing Stands

[edit] Timing Systems and Set Ups

[edit] Aerial Course Installations

[edit] Mogul and Dual Mogul Course

[edit] Start Gates

  • Dual Mogul Start Gates

[edit] Also See

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