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A Talkgroup is the term given to assigned groups on a trunked radio system. Unlike a conventional radio which assigns users a certain frequency, a trunk systems takes a number of frequencies allocated to the system. Then the control channel coordinates the system so talkgroups can share these frequencies seamlessly. The purpose is to dramatically increase bandwidth. Many radios today treat talkgroups as if they were frequencies, since they behave like such.

Each radio user will be assigned a Talk Group, which is the equivalent to a radio channel. A Talk Group consists of a group of radio users who share similar on-venue responsibilities and need to speak with each other most often.

For example, any radio users responsible for back of house or behind the scenes operations will likely share the same Talk Group. Radio users who share the same Talk Group are able to speak with each other directly without having to switch their radio channel or go through the Venue Communication Centre.

Do not change your Talk Group unless you are advised to do so by the Venue Communication Centre (VCC) or your supervisor.

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[edit] Also see

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