Suomu FIN December 11 2009 @ 17:00 Draw

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Call to Order

Freestyle FIS World Cup link:

  1. Suomo Ski Area Web Cam [1]
  2. How Freestyle Skiing Came to Finland in 1970’s? by Markku Rimpiläinen see [2]
  3. Suomu Web Site [3]
  4. Hotel Hotelli Suomutunturi []
  5. FIS Web site competition link Season 2009-2010 [4]
  6. World Cup web site[5]

Roll Call

AUS Australia
AUT Austria
CAN Canada
CHN China
CZE Czech Republic
FIN Finland
FRA France
GER Germany
GBR Great Britain
GRE Greece
ITA Italy
JPN Japan
KAZ Kazakhstan
KOR Korea
NOR Norway
RSA Republic of South Africa
RUS Russia
SLO Slovenia
SPA Spain
SUI Switzerland
SWE Sweden
USA United States of America

(22 Nations)

3043.7 Draw

All of the entries need to be confirmed by the teams and the data service performs the draw.

Start List for Qualifications and Finals

See World Cup Rules for the Quotas [6]

Welcome from the Organizers


Organisation :

  • Ski Sport Finland ry Marko Mustonen +358 40 5184559
  • Suomu Ski Resort Olli Maunula +358 40 3770175
  • Chief of Competition Kari Miettunen +358 40 5484025

Presentation of the Organizing Committee

The Organisers

  • Ski Sport Finland ry Marko Mustonen +358 40 5184559
  • Suomu Ski Resort Olli Maunula +358 40 3770175
  • Chief of Course Sami Mustonen +358 45 6715295
  • Chief of Venue Ville Hirvonen +358 50 3816800
  • Chief of Competition Kari Miettunen +358 40 5484025
  • Competition Secretary Natalia Lahtela +358 400 818484
  • Chief of Media Soili Hirvonen +358 400 837583
  • Toimisto Suvi Määttä +358 40 5937048
  • Assistant TD Hannu Salmela +358 500 642342
  • Ohjelmat Ulla Lahdenmäki +358 40 4859720
  • Transfer Desk Ulla Roimola +358 40 8221509
  • Accommodation Terhi Kangas +358 40 5218290
  • Assistant Chief of Race Jyrki Säämänen +358 400 643 783

Production Team

Chief of Sound

Matti Rauvanto


Pasi Piipponen
Roope Ropponen commentator

TV Liaison/Venue Producer

Juhani Reinikainen
producer/MTV3 Sports
mob: +358 (0)400-870826
tel: +358 (0)10 300 5909
fax: +358 (0)10 300 5486

Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

Chief of Competition Moguls Kari Miettunen FIN
FIS Technical Delegate Seiichi Kato, JPN
Head Judge John Buhler, CAN
FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director Joe Fitzgerald, FIS
J. Buhler, CAN (Head Judge)
A. Blomquist, SWE
Bertrand Couturier FRA
Pipsa Pohjavirta, FIN
A. Leppäluoto, FIN
D. Ramirez, USA
T. Sundequist, JPN
O. Kitov, RUS

Program of the Week


MO Ladies 10:00

MO Men's 12:15

MO TCM Draw 15:00 Friday Arctic Hotel

MO Final 14:30 Ladies

MO Final 15:00 Men's

MO Awards 16:30

Technical Delegate Report

Mogul Course Report
Name:Suomu Moguls
Start Area 15 meters long x 8 meters at 0 degrees
216 meters long at 25.3 degrees
1st air bump is 48 meters from start / 34 degrees x 1.60 meters wide x 3 jump
2nd air bump is 174 meters from start / 25 degrees x 1.60 meters wide x 3 jump
Finish area 40 meters long at 10 degrees x 25 meter wide
width of control gates 12.5 meters
width fence to fence 24.5 meters
Snow packed and hard

Two Injuries CHN and USA

FIS Report

New FIS Points List

Entries Report

44 ladies from 18 nations

63 men from 20 nations

107 skiers

Quotas for the WC is located here; [7]

World Cup Leaders Bibs


Alexandre BILODEAU CAN Blue


Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Ladies Moguls MARBLER, M AUT

Men's Moguls BILODEAU, A CAN

Connection Coaches


xxx, xx

Air Bump Shapers

3034.2 Appointment of jump shapers / Air Bump Shapers


Air Bump Shapers

Top: Pekka Lehtikallio FIN
Bottom: Steve Desovich AUS




Ladies qualification:

Mens qualification:


Ladies qualification:

Mens qualification:

Chairlift Access


Flower Cermonies: to immediately follow competitions, Top 3 and WC leaders in the 'Finish Area'.

Awards Cermonies:

Prize Money: Collection at Race Office

Weather Forecast

Days 0-3 Weather Summary: A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -1°C on Thu morning, min -9°C on Sat night). Wind will be generally light.

Competition Program

Qualifications Ladies

Program Today and Tomorrow

see official program for Saturday


MO Ladies 10:00

MO Men's 12:15

MO TCM Draw 15:00 Friday Arctic Hotel

MO Final 14:30 Ladies

MO Final 15:00 Men's

MO Awards 16:30

Information from the Organizers

  • Bibs are handed out from the race office till 09;30.
  • The bibs need to be return after the qualificationa and final for Fridays race, they will be redistributed based upon WC standings
  • Teams interested staying in Suomu for training after Sunday Dec 13th contact front desk by Friday afternoon. In case of changed return transfer - contact also tranfer desk at the lobby.
  • For the competition prize money, there is a Finnish Tax form to be filled with by the each athlete. The price money tax withheld a tax of 15%

Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

TCM World Cup Season 2009-2010 / FIS Freestyle World Cup Team Captains Meetings / Suomu FIN December 2009

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