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-[[Image:SXStraightJump.jpg]]+== '''A Big Jump''' ==
-'''Turns off of a Jump'''+See what this feaure looks like '''[[Straight Jumps]]'''
 +[[Image:SX jump 2009 WSC.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:SX Air Time 3 skiers .jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Landing after a big jump.jpg|400px]]
 +[[Image:SX Air Time.jpg|400px]]
 +[[Image:Medium size jump Branas SWE SX WC 2010.jpg|300px]][[Image:Medium size jump Branas SWE SX WC 2010 part 2.jpg|300px]]
 +Also See
 +*'''[[Small Jumps]]'''
 +*'''[[Steep Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Step Up Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Corner Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Big Jumps]]'''
 +*'''[[Jumps then Turns]]'''
 +* '''[[Medium Jumps]]'''
 +or these '''[[Features]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Turns]]'''
---- ----
-Return to [[Ski Cross Glossary]] or [[Freestyle Skiing]]+Return to''' [[Ski Cross Features]], [[Ski Cross Glossary]] or [[Freestyle Skiing]]'''
 +[[Category:Freestyle Glossary]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]]
 +[[category:Freestyle Course Preparation]]
 +[[category:Ski Cross]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Jumps]]

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[edit] A Big Jump

See what this feaure looks like Straight Jumps

Also See

or these Features

Return to Ski Cross Features, Ski Cross Glossary or Freestyle Skiing

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