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The Chief of Start is responsible for warning signals and the start command for competitions. They are also responsible for recording start information.

They must supervise their starting personnel, which includes the assistant chief of start as well as the start assistant crews. It is the responsibility of the chief of start to relay starting athlete information such as bib number, name and jump number (aerials) to timing, scoring and results.


  • coordinate with timing, scoring and results and relays information such as which athlete is starting or if athletes are not ready
  • give warning signal and start command to athletes
  • keep record of all athletes starting, including name and bib number
  • give start information to start assistant for transport to timing, scoring and results
  • check knoll flag person for clear signal prior to sending next competitor


  • call out athlete’s bib number prior to start
  • inform the Chief of start if an athlete is not present
  • check bibs, clothing and equipment for rule infractions
  • organize forerunners and athletes in proper order
  • inform athletes of official course information: course conditions (aerials), course closure
  • assist in determining false and late starts as well as any rule infringements


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