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  1. Aerodynamics drag (4,458 bytes)
    6: ...object. In some sporting situations (swimming for example) skin drag is of consequence, but in skiing it is...
    14: ...tion from upright to tucked (Figures 1 and 4, for example) is a common strategy on downhill terrain which r...
  2. 10th FIS Leaders Seminar 2011, Budapest (HUN) (3,018 bytes)
    7: ...eering). The presentation was followed by another example from Kazakhstan, were the 2011 Asian Games were h...
    45: '''National Ski Associations Example''' by Kazakhstan [
  3. Zurich Youth and Children's Seminar 2011 (5,891 bytes)
    10: ...ill all focus on 22nd January 2012. We see by the examples presented today, that it can be very innovative,...
    25: <br>'''3.''' ''"World Snow Day Concept Example I"'' by Sammy '''Salm''', CEO Best of the Alps
    26: <br>'''4.''' ''"World Snow Day Concept Examples – impulse presentations from National Ski Asso...
  4. Ski Cross (4,767 bytes)
    9: ...d ‘mass starts’. The mass start was used, for example, in the one of the first races, the ‘Inferno’...
  5. Mogul Glossary (5,695 bytes)
    58: ...Manoeuvres]]''': Any combinations of trick(s). An example is a Double [[Daffy]], a Daffy [[Twister]] [[Spre...
  6. Competition Scheduling (388 bytes)
    3: [ link title]
    5: [[Media:Example.ogg]]
  7. Competition Details (6,651 bytes)
    1: Here is an example of the Competition Details filled out; '''[[US F...
  8. Pace Time (960 bytes)
    9: ''Example''
  9. Course Description Ski Cross (11,593 bytes)
    1: Here is an example of a Ski Cross Course Description;
  10. Outdoor Idols (1,127 bytes)
    1: ...file of young outdoor athletes who are leading by example. Virtually all industries and sports have their h...
  11. Dual Mogul Start Gate (2,244 bytes)
    2: See here for an example of the set up for Dual Mogul Start Gate:[[Image:D...
    30: *'''[[Mogul and Dual Mogul Course Examples]]'''
  12. FIS Freestyle World Cup Rules (39,164 bytes)
    232: '''Example:'''
  13. 4501 (4,139 bytes)
    50: ... to pass between two gates of the same color (for example: corridors).
  14. Judges Seperations (1,101 bytes)
    6: Example of the set up of the inside of a judges stand
  15. 3045 (3,911 bytes)
    61: Example:
  16. Multiple Manoeuvres (221 bytes)
    1: Any combinations of trick(s). An example is a Double [[Daffy]], a Daffy Twister [[Spread]]...
  17. 4505.6 (542 bytes)
    6: ...90110 les-contamines M24-res.jpg|thumb|none|400px|Example of the printed output from a high speed camera us...
  18. 201.4 (822 bytes)
    3: and may comprise one or several events. For example Cross-Country Skiing is a FIS Discipline, whereas...
  19. Lukjanovs Skirace (2,045 bytes)
    5: ...and for them it's highly important to have a good example of healthy lifestyle in front of them. Every year...
  20. FIS Freestyle World Cup Organizers Agreement (50,464 bytes)
    493: (c) circumstances arise (such as, by way of example but not limitation financial situation of '''[[LO...

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