Skileikanlegg – Arena built for childrens activities on one pair of skies

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Skileik (Play and fun on skis)

Overall Focus

  • The initial point of the Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) is that 'Skileik' is the best foundation for all learning to ski. NSF has invested much in this because we want:

- To get as many children and young people to be physically active in winter - increased recruitment to the ski sport - more and more competitive skiers

  • Characteristics of 'Skileik':

- Ski games are effective learning. - Is exciting and challenging motion paradise, which encourages repeated attempts. Such repetition is what more than a thousand words, improves balance and thus the foundation skill. - The terrain takes over the teacher's role. - The tension is the driving force of all the children playing and learning. - Children find ski challenges that lie on the right limit. Children should choose what they want to do and how hard it will be, no one pushes them.

Target Group

  • Children, youth and interested people who would liike to build a 'Skileik' arena.


  • Norwegian Ski Federation

Contact Information

Helen Ingebretsen
Head of the department for education and childrens activity of the Norwegian Ski Federation [1]

Link [2]

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