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-The Ski Cross Start Photo Sequence+== '''The Ski Cross Start Photo Sequence''' ==
[[Image:SX start closed.JPG]] [[Image:SX start closed.JPG]]
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[[Image:SX start 3.JPG]] [[Image:SX start 3.JPG]]
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[[Image:SX start 5.JPG]] [[Image:SX start 5.JPG]]
 +== '''Ski Cross Start Movements''' ==
 +[[Image:Levering on the handles SX.jpg|500px]]
 +== '''Examples Of Ski Cross Start Areas''' ==
 +[[Image:Start Ski Cross and Start Gate.jpg|400px]]
 +[[Image:SX Start Set Up Contamines FRA.jpg|400px]]
 +[[Image:Start set with start gate st johann aut 2009.JPG|400px]]
 +[[Image:Alpe D'Huez FRA Ski Cross Jan 2010 start.jpg|400px]]
 +== Also See ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate Standards]]'''
 +*'''[[List of Homologated Ski Cross Start gates]]'''
 +*'''[[Standards the For Homologation of the Ski Cross Start Gates]]'''
 +*'''[[The Starter]]''' and *'''[[Ski Cross Start Command]]'''
 +*'''[[The Assistant Starter]]'''
 +*'''[[3020.2.21]]''' '''[[The Start Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[The Referee]]'''
 +*'''[[4507.8.1]] [[The Start Ramp]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time]]'''
 +*'''[[Start Gate Lanes and Start Positions]]'''
 +*'''[[Start Area]]'''
---- ----
-return to [[Ski Cross Courses]] or [[Ski Cross]]+Return to; '''[[Ski Cross Courses]], [[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[Ski Cross]] '''
 +[[Category:Ski Cross]][[Category:Freestyle Skiing]] [[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]]

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[edit] The Ski Cross Start Photo Sequence

Image:SX start closed.JPG

Image:Start 1.JPG

Image:Start 2.JPG

Image:SX start 3.JPG

Image:SX start 4.JPG

Image:SX start 5.JPG

[edit] Ski Cross Start Movements

[edit] Examples Of Ski Cross Start Areas

[edit] Also See

Return to; Ski Cross Courses, Freestyle Skiing or Ski Cross

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