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-'''[[Ski Cross Course Specifications]]'''+== '''Technical Details''' ==
-'''[[Ski Cross Course Photos]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Course Specifications]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Course Drawings]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate Standards]]'''+*'''[[GPS Ski Cross on the Internet]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time Measurement]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Course Preparation]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Features]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Course Development]]'''
-Return to [[Freestyle Skiing]]+*'''[[Ski Cross Course Tracks]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross vs. Snowboard Cross times, speeds and percentage differences Vancouver 2010]]'''
 +*'''[[Summary Table Ski Cross Courses - WC 2003 - 2010 and the WSC]]'''
 +== '''Ski Cross Courses''' ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Photos]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross World Cup Videos]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Features]]'''
 +*'''[[Course Description Ski Cross]]'''
 +== '''Ski Cross Start''' ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Reaction Time Measurement]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start Gate Standards]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Start]]'''
 +== '''Ski Cross Finish Area''' ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Passing]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Finish Areas]]'''
 +== '''Gallery''' ==
 +Image:SX jump1.jpg
 +Image:Sx jump 2.jpg
 +Image:Sx jump 3.jpg
 +Image:Sx jump 4.jpg
 +Image:Doubling a roller.jpg|'''Doubling a Roller Les Contamines FRA'''
 +Image:Start Area Set Up Ski Cross.jpg
 +Image:Long Shot SX Course Inawashiro WSC 2009.JPG|Inawashiro WSC 2009
 +Image:Long Shot SX Course 2 Inawashiro JPN WSC 2009.JPG|Inawashiro WSC 2009
 +Image:SX Course La Plagne FRA 200309.jpg|La Plagne FRA
 +Image:SXCourseNaebaJPN2005.jpg|Naeba JPN
 +Image:The course 2010 Branas SWE.jpg|'''[[Branas SWE]]'''
 +Image:Deer Valley Course 2008.JPG|'''[[Deer Valley USA]]'''
 +Image:Ruka_FIN_WSC2005_Freestyle_sites.jpg|'''[[Ruka FIN]]'''
 +Image:China ski cross Yabuli.JPG|Ski Cross in China
 +Image:SX Course.JPG
 +Image:Kreischberg AUT Ski cross into crowd.jpg|Kreischberg AUT
 +Image:St Johann AUT 2009.jpeg|'''[[St. Johann i.T. Oberndorf‎]] NZE'''
 +Image:Night shot st johann aut jan 2009.jpg|'''[[St. Johann i.T. Oberndorf‎]] NZE'''
 +Image:St Johann SX January 2009.jpg|'''[[St. Johann i.T. Oberndorf‎]] NZE'''
 +Image:Course elevation 2010 Branas SWE.jpg|'''[[Branas SWE]]''' Ski Cross Course FIS Freestyle World Cup 2010
 +Image:Inawashiro_Ski_Cross_Course_2009.JPG|'''[[Inawashiro JPN]]''' Ski Cross Course FIS Freestyle World Championships 2009
 +Image:St johann in tirol aut SX jan 2010.jpg|'''[[St. Johann i.T. Oberndorf‎]]''' FIS Freestyle World Cup 2010
 +Image:SX Sierra Nevada 2010.jpg|'''[[Sierra Nevada SPA]]''' FIS Freestyle World Cup March 2010
 +Image:Cardrona NZE Ski Cross FS jr WSC 2010.jpg|'''[[Cardrona NZE]]''', World Junior Championships August 2010
 +Image:Meiringen SUI 2010 SX.JPG|'''[[Meiringen SUI]]''' March 2010
 +Image:Cypress Ski and Snowboard Cross Course.PNG.jpg|Cypress CAN OWG 2010
 +Image:Course Drawing SX.png|'''[[Sierra Nevada SPA]]'''
 +Image:SX Sierra Nevada 2010.jpg|'''[[Sierra Nevada SPA]]'''
 +Image:Myrkdalen Voss NOR SX course 2009.jpg|MYRKDALEN VOSS NOR 2009
 +Image:SX course Naeba japan.jpg|'''Naeba Japan WC 2005'''
 +Image:Inawashiro_Ski_Cross_Course_2009.JPG|'''[[Inawashiro 2009]] Course WSC'''
 +Image:Grindelwald SUI SX Slope and Course 2009.jpg|'''Grindelwald SUI SX Course 2009'''
 +Image:Sx course laax04.jpg|'''LAAX SUI 2004'''
 +Image:Sx course Spindleruv Mlyn CZE.jpg|'''Spindleruv Mlyn CZE'''
 +Image:Pec CZE SX course.jpg|'''Pec CZE Worold Cup'''
 +Image:SX sauze compl.jpg|'''Sauze D'Oulx Sportina Slope WC Final 2004'''
 +Image:SX course Pozza ITA.jpg|'''Pozza di Fassa ITA World Cup'''
 +Image:Course draw les contamines03.jpg|'''Les Contamines France WC 2003'''
 +Image:Course 06 lescontamines.jpg|700px|'''Les Contamines France WC 2006'''
 +Image:Kreischberg AUT WC SX Strecke06.jpg|''Kreischberg AUT WC SX World Cup 2006'''
 +Image:L'Alpe d'Huez FRA légendes.JPG|'''L'Alpe d'Huez FRA SX World Cup 2010'''
 +Image:St johann in tirol aut SX jan 2010.jpg|'''[[St. Johann i.T. Oberndorf‎]]''' AUT
 +Image:Cardrona NZE Course drawing August 2010.jpg|'''[[Cardrona NZE]]'''
 +Image:Meiringen SUI 2010 SX.JPG|'''[[Meiringen SUI]]'''
 +Image:Sochi 2013 Ski and Snowboard Cross course Drawing.jpg|'''[[Rosa Khutor RUS]]'''
 +Return to ''' [[Ski Cross]], [[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[4500]]'''
 +[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[Category:Ski Cross]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]]

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