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'''[[Ski Cross Turns]]''' '''[[Ski Cross Turns]]'''
-**'''[[Flat turn]]'''+*'''[[Flat turn]]'''
-**'''[[Long Flat Turn]]'''+*'''[[Long Flat Turn]]'''
-** '''[[Short Flat Turns]]'''+* '''[[Short Flat Turns]]'''
-** '''[[Long Turns with Features]]'''+* '''[[Long Turns with Features]]'''
-**'''[[Negative Turns]]'''+*'''[[Negative Turns]]'''
'''[[Ski Cross Jumps]]''' '''[[Ski Cross Jumps]]'''

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Ski Cross Course Standard see the ICR 4501



1. The Slope;

  • Natural Features

2. The Track

- Start Area

- The way to go down the slope

- Number of Change of Directions

- Snow Making

- Safety

- Finish Area

3. The Features

- What Ski Cross Features are to be used on the Track?

1st Feature

Ski Cross Gates and Turns



Ski Cross Turns

Ski Cross Jumps


Ski Cross Landings

4. Links to GPS Ski Cross on the Internet

  • Cypress Mountain CAN 2010 OWG [1]
  • La Plagne FRA [2]
  • Flaine FRA [3]
  • Myrkdalen NOR [4]
  • Innichen San Candido ITA [5]
  • Palandöken Mountain Erzurum TUR [6].

5. Constructed Courses

Deer Valley CAN 2008


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