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-'''Ski Cross Course Standard''' see the ICR [[4501]]+'''Ski Cross Course Standard''' see the ICR '''[[4501]]'''
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'''1. The Slope;''' '''1. The Slope;'''
-- [[Vertical Drop]]+* '''[[Vertical Drop]]'''
-- [[Course Width]]+* '''[[Course Width]]'''
-- Natural Features +* Natural Features
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Features]]'''
 +**'''[[Ski Cross Course Preparation]]'''
 +**'''[[Cut and Fill]]'''
 +**'''[[Fence and Safety Control - Ski Cross]]'''
 +== '''2. The Track''' ==
 +* '''[[Start Area]]'''
-== '''2. The Track''' ==+* The way to go down the slope
 +* Number of Change of Directions
-- '''[[Start Area]]'''+* '''[[Snow Making]]'''
-- The way to go down the slope+* Safety
-- Number of Change of Directions+* '''[[Finish Area]]'''
-- Snow Making+== '''3. The Features''' ==
-- Safety+- What '''[[Ski Cross Features]]''' are to be used on the Track?
-- '''[[Finish Area]]'''+*'''[[1st Feature]]'''
-== '''3. The Features''' ==+*'''[[Ski Cross Gates and Turns]]'''
 +*'''[[Going over a Roller]]'''
 +*'''[[Coming Into a Roller]]'''
-- What '''[[Ski Cross Features]]''' are to be used on the Track?+*'''[[Ski Cross Turns]]'''
 +**'''[[Flat turn]]'''
 +**'''[[Long Flat Turn]]'''
 +** '''[[Short Flat Turns]]'''
 +** '''[[Long Turns with Features]]'''
 +**'''[[Negative Turns]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Jumps]]'''
 +**'''[[Small Jumps]]'''
 +**'''[[Steep Jump]]'''
 +**'''[[Step Up Jump]]'''
 +**'''[[Straight Jump]]'''
 +**'''[[Corner Jump]]'''
 +**'''[[Big Jumps]]'''
 +**'''[[Jumps then Turns]]'''
 +**'''[[Medium Traverse]]'''
 +** '''[[Ski Cross Straight Sections]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Landings]]'''
== 4. '''Links to [[GPS Ski Cross on the Internet]]''' == == 4. '''Links to [[GPS Ski Cross on the Internet]]''' ==
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-Deer Valley CAN 2008 
-[[Image:Deer Valley Course 2008.JPG|500px]] 
-LAAX SUI 2004+[[Image:Deer Valley Course 2008.JPG|500px|Deer Valley USA 2008|thumb]]
-[[Image:Sx course laax04.jpg|500px]]+ 
 +[[Image:Sx course laax04.jpg|LAAX SUI 2004|thumb|500px]]
 +[[Image:St johann in tirol aut SX jan 2010.jpg|500px|thumb| St Johann AUT 2010]]
 +== '''Technical Details''' ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Specifications]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Drawings]]'''
 +*'''[[GPS Ski Cross on the Internet]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Preparation]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Development]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Tracks]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross vs. Snowboard Cross times, speeds and percentage differences Vancouver 2010]]'''
 +*'''[[Summary Table Ski Cross Courses - WC 2003 - 2010 and the WSC]]'''
 +== '''Ski Cross Courses''' ==
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Photos]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross World Cup Videos]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Features]]'''
 +*'''[[Course Description Ski Cross]]'''
---- ----
-Return to [[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[Ski Cross Courses]]+Return to '''[[Ski Cross Features]]''', '''[[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[Ski Cross Courses]]'''
[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[category:Ski Cross]] [[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[category:Ski Cross]]

Current revision

Ski Cross Course Standard see the ICR 4501


[edit] Concepts

1. The Slope;

  • Natural Features

[edit] 2. The Track

  • The way to go down the slope
  • Number of Change of Directions
  • Safety

[edit] 3. The Features

- What Ski Cross Features are to be used on the Track?

[edit] 4. Links to GPS Ski Cross on the Internet

  • Cypress Mountain CAN 2010 OWG [1]
  • La Plagne FRA [2]
  • Flaine FRA [3]
  • Myrkdalen NOR [4]
  • Innichen San Candido ITA [5]
  • Palandöken Mountain Erzurum TUR [6].

[edit] 5. Constructed Courses

Deer Valley USA 2008
Deer Valley USA 2008


St Johann AUT 2010
St Johann AUT 2010

[edit] Technical Details

[edit] Ski Cross Courses

Return to Ski Cross Features, Freestyle Skiing or Ski Cross Courses

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