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[edit] 2009 Freestyle FIS World Cup Stats

AE Ladies 36

11 nations AUS(5), BLR(2), CAN(6), CHN(7), CZE(1), GBR(1), HKG(1), KAZ(2), SUI(5), UKR(3), USA(3)

DM Ladies 40

14 nations AUT(1), CAN(8), CZE(2), FRA(1), GBR(1), GER(4), ITA(1), JPN(4), KAZ(3), RUS(2), SLO(1), SUI(1), SWE(4), USA(7)

HP Ladies 28

11 nations AUS(1), AUT(2), BEL(1), CAN(5), FRA(1), GBR(1), JPN(3), SPA(1), SUI(3), SWE(1), USA(9)

MO Ladies 50

15 nations AUT(1), CAN(10), CHN(3), CZE(3), FRA(1), GBR(1), GER(3), ITA(1), JPN(4), KAZ(3), RUS(5), SLO(1), SUI(1), SWE(4), USA(9)

SX Ladies 72

21 nations AUS(3), AUT(4), CAN(6), CZE(3), DAN(1), FRA(6), GBR(2), GER(5), IRE(1), JPN(4), LIE(1), NOR(9), NZE(1), POL(2), ROU(1), RUS(4), SLO(1), SPA(1), SUI(7), SWE(5), USA(5)

AE Men 54

13 nations ARG(1), AUS(1), BLR(6), CAN(11), CHN(7), CZE(2), FRA(1), JPN(4), KAZ(3), RUS(4), SUI(6), UKR(3), USA(5)

DM Men 71

17 nations AUS(4), CAN(6), CZE(2), FIN(6), FRA(7), GBR(1), GER(1), GRE(1), ITA(2), JPN(6), KAZ(4), NED(1), NOR(3), RUS(7), SUI(2), SWE(10), USA(8)

HP Men 71

13 nations AND(2), BEL(1), CAN(17), FIN(2), FRA(15), GBR(5), JPN(1), LIE(1), NOR(3), NZE(2), SLO(3), SUI(5), USA(14)

MO Men 76

16 nations AUS(4), CAN(10), CZE(2), FIN(6), FRA(5), GBR(1), GRE(1), ITA(2), JPN(6), KAZ(4), NED(1), NOR(4), RUS(8), SUI(2), SWE(10), USA(10)

SX Men 131

24 nations AND(1), ARG(3), AUS(1), AUT(9), CAN(10), CZE(9), FIN(4), FRA(13), GBR(3), GER(11), GRE(1), IRE(1), ITA(5), JAM(1), JPN(6), NOR(8), NZE(1), POL(3), RUS(3), SLO(3), SUI(13), SWE(10), UKR(1), USA(11)

[edit] Summary 2008-2009

Total various Nations 34

Total various Ladies 185

Total various Men 335

Total various athletes 520

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