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[[Image:Start area and first set of features.jpg|500px]] [[Image:Start area and first set of features.jpg|500px]]
 +== '''Also see''' ==
 +<div style="column-count:3;-moz-column-count:3;-webkit-column-count:3">
 +*'''[[Course Description Ski Cross]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Features]]'''
 +*'''[[Going over a Roller]]'''
 +*'''[[Step Up Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Straight Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Corner Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Jumps then Turns]]'''
 +*'''[[Setting of the Gates]]'''
 +*'''[[Steep Jump]]'''
 +*'''[[Small Jumps]]'''
 +*'''[[Snow removal]]'''
 +*'''[[Big Jumps]]'''
---- ----
 +See '''[[Ski Cross Glossary]]''' or [[Ski Cross Features]]''' for more definitions or go to''' [[Ski Cross]] or [[Freestyle Skiing]]'''.
-Return to '''[[Ski Cross Glossary]] or [[Ski Cross Features]]'''+[[Category:Freestyle Glossary]] [[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[Category:Ski Cross]] [[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]] [[Category:Air]]
- +[[Category:Freestyle Jumps]] [[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]]
- +
-[[Category:Freestyle Glossary]][[Category:Freestyle Skiing]]+
-[[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]] [[Category:Ski Cross]]+

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A “wave or series of waves” (gentle jumps) which the athlete can either absorb or jump.

[edit] Also see

See Ski Cross Glossary or Ski Cross Features for more definitions or go to Ski Cross or Freestyle Skiing.

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