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Race construction elements

The following are considered as “race construction elements”

 Start Structure (SS)
 Exit gate (EG)
 Finish columns (FC)
 Interview wall /Award Backdrop (IW)
 Blowers (4 for Start Construction, 1 for Exit Gate, 1 for Interview wall/Award Backdrop)

Branding materials

The following are considered as “branding materials”

 Gate flags (50% with ” Sponsor” only)
 Course banners (1m x 4m) and Beachflags
 Logo Velcro patches and logo plates

Advertising space

 The TOUR logo will be displayed on the official “start structure”, “exit gate”, “TV interview wall / Prize Giving Winners
 Podium” and “finish columns”. In addition:
 50% of the global advertising area will be attributed to the Sponsor logo
 50% will be attributed to the local sponsor and the hosting ski area or tourism region

Flexible Advertising elements

Gate flags General Overview

 Sponsor shall have 100% visibility on 50% of the total number of triangular gate flags,
 meaning that, every alternate pair of gate flags / “control gates” shall display 100%
 Sponsor, starting with the first gate, then third gate and so on: Sponsor pair of gate flags- OC pair of gate flags- Sponsor- OC

FIS Freestyle World Cup Sponsor guide

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