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Race construction elements

The following are considered as “race construction elements”

 Start Structure (SS)
 Exit gate (EG)
 Finish columns (FC)
 Interview wall /Award Backdrop (IW)
 Blowers (4 for Start Construction, 1 for Exit Gate, 1 for Interview wall/Award Backdrop)

Branding materials

The following are considered as “branding materials”

 Gate flags (50% with ” Sponsor” only)
 Course banners (1m x 4m) and Beachflags
 Logo Velcro patches and logo plates

Advertising space

 The TOUR logo will be displayed on the official “start structure”, “exit gate”, “TV interview wall / Prize Giving Winners
 Podium” and “finish columns”. In addition:
 50% of the global advertising area will be attributed to the Sponsor logo
 50% will be attributed to the local sponsor and the hosting ski area or tourism region

Flexible Advertising elements

Gate flags General Overview

 Sponsor shall have 100% visibility on 50% of the total number of triangular gate flags,
 meaning that, every alternate pair of gate flags / “control gates” shall display 100%
 Sponsor, starting with the first gate, then third gate and so on: Sponsor pair of gate flags- OC pair of gate flags- Sponsor- OC

Banners and Beachflags

 The size of each advertising banner shall be 1m high x 4m wide(frames supplied by Agent)

Number and position of sponsor banners Banners

 Ten (10) Sponsor banners or Sponsor Product banners will be placed on course in “A”
 locations (top locations) which are visible for TV and photo coverage as follows:
 2 at the start
 6 along the course e.g. On jumps or features
 2 in the finishing area next to the exit gates

One Sponsor banner will be displayed on each of the following:

 official function building / structures
 timing building / tent

FIS Freestyle World Cup Sponsor guide

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