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  • "Bewegte Stadt" ("Moved City") – Children Ski Circus (Germany)
  • Kids on Snow & Kids on Snow on Tour (Germany)
  • Grade Five Snowpass (Canada)
  • Snow For Free / “White Bus” (Switzerland)
  • I Love Snow (Japan)
  • Go for Ski (Austria)
  • Subsidized/Free Skiing Days (Switzerland)
  • Go on snow! (Switzerland)
  • Barnas Skiklubb (Norway)
  • Telenor Karusellen (Norway)
  • Cross country cross, Kombicross, Skicross for children (Norway)
  • Skileikanlegg – Arena built for childrens activities on one pair of skies (Norway)
  • Bendit Alpine Festival (Norway)
  • Quicky hoppskole – Ski jumping schools for children (Norway)
  • Ski jumping – ski equipment for children (Norway)
  • Telemark for children (Norway)
  • Promotion and other activities for children at World Cup Competitions (Norway)
  • BR MountainFreak (Germany)
  • Organized Snow Days (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • “Big Air” Project (Bulgaria)
  • Recruitment Camps (Canada)
  • Polar Snowboard Camp (Macedonia)
  • “Snow in the City” – Event (South Africa)
  • Indoor Slopes (Great Britain)
  • Children Ski Areas (Greece)
  • Project Kids (USA)
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