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  1. "Bewegte Stadt" ("Moved City") – Children Ski Circus (Germany)
  2. Kids on Snow & Kids on Snow on Tour (Germany)
  3. Grade Five Snowpass (Canada)
  4. Snow For Free / “White Bus” (Switzerland)
  5. I Love Snow (Japan)
  6. Go for Ski (Austria)
  7. Subsidized/Free Skiing Days (Switzerland)
  8. Go on snow! (Switzerland)
  9. Barnas Skiklubb (Norway)
  10. Telenor Karusellen (Norway)
  11. Cross country cross, Kombicross, Skicross for children (Norway)
  12. Skileikanlegg – Arena built for childrens activities on one pair of skies (Norway)
  13. Bendit Alpine Festival (Norway)
  14. Quicky hoppskole – Ski jumping schools for children (Norway)
  15. Ski jumping – ski equipment for children (Norway)
  16. Telemark for children (Norway)
  17. Promotion and other activities for children at World Cup Competitions (Norway)
  18. BR MountainFreak (Germany)
  19. Organized Snow Days (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  20. “Big Air” Project (Bulgaria)
  21. Recruitment Camps (Canada)
  22. Polar Snowboard Camp (Macedonia)
  23. “Snow in the City” – Event (South Africa)
  24. Indoor Slopes (Great Britain)
  25. Children Ski Areas (Greece)
  26. Project Kids (USA)
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