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[edit] OWG Freestyle Stadiums

This Presentation covers all of the Freestyle Venues for the past 6 Olympic Winter Games.

  • Comments and Critical Remarks have provided for each design.
  • Freestyle Skiiing has not reached anywhere near ‘Zero Defects’ Level.
  • Bold Failures offer insight into better Stadium Design
  • Successful Design = Deer Valley 2002, USA and Sauze D’Oulx 2006 (some issues)
  • ‘Legacy’ has yet been be found or realized by the NSA’s or the host NOC’s or Caretakers’.

[edit] Freestyle Skiing DNA

  • It’s about “Showing Off” your Ski Skills
  • Designed for the 5 Senses
  • Intimate experience with Spectators
  • Getting Close to the Action
  • Fast Turn Around Time*
  • Always Presented like a Show
  • “Never a Dull Moment”
  • We are “In Love with TV”, They Love Us

[edit] Creating a Dynamic Reaction

  • In Freestyle Skiing, we create a dynamic reaction between the spectators in the stands / venue and the athletes. The better the stadium design, the sport production, the presentation with our rules and specifications, the better the emotional reaction we can generate from the crowd / athletes and then the better the TV pictures.

[edit] Reaction To Great Design

Party on, dudes

BBC Sport Online's Anna Thompson enjoys the atmosphere at the Olympic freestyle skiing in Deer Valley. British mogul skiers Laura Donaldson and Joanne Bromfield were never in with a medal chance at the Winter Olympics. But they enjoyed the experience at Deer Valley Resort in Utah and it will be a day they will never forget.

Cheered on by thousands of spectators ringing cow-bells, and speaker systems pumping out loud rock music, the competition resembled more a party than an Olympic event.’

Reference: BBC Sport [1]

[edit] Freestyle Skiing Stadium Design

  • The placement of the courses, angle of center lines between the courses
  • Offset of the course finish lines
  • Distance and angle to the spectator stand to finish lines / R2
  • Position and angle of the video wall to the spectator stand and course exit gates
  • Location of the TV (which side)
  • Exit Gate locations
  • Speed of the lifts, a fast ‘turn around’ time on the course is needed
  • Sound and Music Design

[edit] Stadium Design Principles

  • FIS Course Criteria are the design standards (not the averages but the higher ranges for the Olympics)
  • Consideration of the weather is designed into the Stadium
  • Every ‘spectator seat’ or ‘spectator standing’ position needs to a have direct line of site to the full competition course.
  • Every seat or standing position needs to have direct line of sight to video wall and scoreboard
  • The ‘hot box’ or ‘wedge’ (where we line up the top 3) needs to have a direct line of site to the scoreboard and video wall
  • The Aerial site needs to be designed so it is protected from the prevailing winds
  • All courses need to machine accessed from both sides at the top, middle and bottom
  • Snow Grooming Machines need to be able to drive / work completely around the courses
  • Permanent Judge stands are required for Olympic Freestyle courses
  • All lighting installations need to be on the outer site of the stadium
  • Stadium Lighting cannot be placed in the stadium (between the spectators and the field of play)
  • Lift access to and from the top of the course must have a fast turnaround time
  • Relationships between the standing spectators and the seated spectators needs to be balanced
  • Creation of an ‘intimate atmosphere’ between the ‘fans’ and ‘athletes’
  • The sound system overlay needs to be for the spectators first and athletes second.
  • Sport Production Facility needs to have full view of the aerial knoll, mogul start and Score Board and Video wall.
  • Post Games considerations FIS is interested in having a ‘world class’ stadiums to stage World Cups And World Championships beyond the Games

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