ORIS 2010 Homologation Test

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  • Joseph Fitzgerald (FIS Freestyle Skiing Coordinator);
  • Martine Kohly (FIS Head Judge);
  • Francesco Cattaneo (FIS IT Manager);
  • Daniel Defago (FIS IT Assistant Manager);
  • Fred Strass (Associated Press – representing WNPA);
  • Namik Djumisic (IOC ORIS Manager);
  • Helge Stenersen (IOC ORIS Sport Analyst);
  • Slobodan Delic (VANOC TSR Director);
  • Brano Rokvic (VANOC TSR Manager);
  • Nikolaos Antonakis (VANOC TSR Manager – Snow);
  • Bernard Leung (VANOC Venue Results Manager – Freestyle);
  • Clement Lau (VANOC Assistant Venue Results Manager – Freestyle);
  • Eric Freemont (VANOC Competition Manager);
  • Rob Price (VANOC Assistant Competition Manager – Freestyle);
  • Elias Loukas (VANOC Manager – Sport Entries);
  • Riccardo Patti (VANOC ONS Deputy Manager);
  • Joel Fitzpatrick (VANOC ONS Supervisor);
  • Ben Fischer (ATOS Origin Testing Manager);
  • Vladimir Obelic (ATOS Origin Results Integration Manager);
  • Enrico Richter (Omega Project Manager);
  • Vincent Dubois (Omega Freestyle Venue Manager);
  • Ian Pidgeon (Omega AE-MO Results Manager);
  • Christian Winkler (Omega SX Results Manager);
  • Andre Christanell (Omega Freestyle Results Manager);

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