Myrkdalen-Voss NOR 1st Team Captains Meeting SX 16.02.09

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'''[[FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director]]''' '''Joe Fitzgerald''', FIS '''[[FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director]]''' '''Joe Fitzgerald''', FIS
-[[FREESTYLE FIS WORLD CUP OFFICIALS ASSIGNMENTS Season 2008 - 2009]]+[[Chief of Competition]]: [[Moguls]]: Oddvar Jansen, NOR
-SWE Are, 13.-14.02.09 +[[Chief of Competition]]: [[Ski Cross]]: Nils Akselberg, NOR
 +FIS [[Technical Delegate]]: Reinhard Krampfl, GER
 +[[Head Judge]]: Pipsa Pohjavirta, FIN
 +FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director: Joe Fitzgerald, FIS
-'''J. Buhler''', CAN (H.J.) +NOR, Voss, 19.02.09
-'''A. Blomquist''', SWE +Pipsa Pohjavirta FIN
-'''T. Korkalainen''', FIN +Johanna Ronkainen FIN
-'''M. Ferry''', SWE +Alexandra Schneider GER
-'''A. Leppäluoto''', FIN +Alberto Orsatti ITA
-'''S. Buchanen''', USA +Morten Skarpaas NOR
-'''T. Sundequist''', JPN +Oksana Kushenko RUS
-'''W. Dopfer''', GER+Stephen Buchanan USA
 +Hanka Kaluzikova CZE
== '''Program of the Week''' == == '''Program of the Week''' ==

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Call to Order

Freestyle FIS World Cup link: [1]

LOC Web site [2]

Roll Call

AUS Australia

AUT Austria

CAN Canada

CZE Czech Republic

DEN Danmark

FIN Finland

FRA France

GER Germany

GBR Great Britain

ITA Italy

LIE Liechtenstein

JPN Japan

NOR Norway

NZL New Zealand

POL Poland

ROM Romania

RUS Russia

SLO Slovenia

SUI Switzerland

SWE Sweden

USA United States of America

(20 Nations)

Welcome from the Organizers

Kristin Lemme welcomes the teams to Voss, Norway

Organisation :

Voss Freestyleklubb

Pb 46

5701 VOSS

Phone : +47 416 80 716


Website : []

Presentation of the Organizing Committee

The Organisers

The Organisers

The Freestyle FIS World Cup event in Voss is organised by FIS, the Norwegian Ski Association and Voss Freestyleklubb. Chairman of the organising committee:

Kristin Lemme,

+47 416 80 716


Kristin Lemme,, +47 416 80 716


Erik Østlie,, + 47 922 38 848


Per Berge,, + 916 73 014

Race Director for Organization

Oddvar Jansen,, +47 907 55 180

Race Office:

Kristin Glück Evensen,, 97022373

Chief of Competition, MO:

Oddvar Jansen,, +47 907 55 180

Assistant Chief of Competition, MO:

Terje Høyland,, +47 481 01 267

Chief of Course, MO:

Kari Traa,

Chief of Competition, SX:

Nils Akselberg,, +47 916 73 013

Assistant Chief of Competition, SX:

Sigbjørn Dugstad,, +47 905 21 761

Chief of Course, SX:

Asbjørn Skorpen,, +47 952 24 108


Mario Persch,


Andreas Kantermo +47 702175471


Atle Almenningen,, 91659261


Ole Kristoffer “Doffen” Trellevik,, 92442593

Bjørn Skjæran,, 92413132


Norvald Hårklau,, 99022773


Lars Even Lemme,, 97112009


Roar Andersen,, 48245261

Medical Chief:

Rudolf Altenau,, 913 75 038


Morten Johannessen,, 977 52 895


Ann Christin Nøss,, 95210816

The Norwegian Ski Association:

Øistein Lunde,, 924 47 076

Sound and lights:

Cato Østlie,, +47 901 93 711

Web page:

Gunhild Lundblad,, +47 900 32 415

Pistenbully Driver:

Kristian Agledal,,


Linda Risanger,, +47 976 09 988


Lars Rune Djukastein,, +47 416 83 757


Torgunn Lauritzen,, +47 917 34 027

Ceremonies: Brede Abbedissen,, +47 934 04 056

Ranveig Ure,, +47 415 69 074

Production Team

Chief of Sound


TV Liaison/Venue Producer

Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Head Judge, Chief of Competition)

Chief of Competition Moguls and Aerials Anders Olafson SWE

FIS Technical Delegate Christian Lavoie, CAN

Head Judge John Buhler, CAN

FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director Joe Fitzgerald, FIS

Chief of Competition: Moguls: Oddvar Jansen, NOR

Chief of Competition: Ski Cross: Nils Akselberg, NOR

FIS Technical Delegate: Reinhard Krampfl, GER

Head Judge: Pipsa Pohjavirta, FIN

FIS Freestyle Coordinator/Race Director: Joe Fitzgerald, FIS


NOR, Voss, 19.02.09

Pipsa Pohjavirta FIN

Johanna Ronkainen FIN

Alexandra Schneider GER

Alberto Orsatti ITA

Morten Skarpaas NOR

Oksana Kushenko RUS

Stephen Buchanan USA Hanka Kaluzikova CZE

Program of the Week

See the schedule here as a PDF file:[3]

Wed February 11, 2009

Training Moguls Ladies & Men 12.00-15.00

Thu February 12, 2009

Training Moguls Ladies & Men 10.00-13.00

Team Captains Meeting, Draw 19.00

Fri February 13, 2009

Moguls inspection 08.25 - 08.35 Ladies, 10.10-10.15 Men

Moguls – Ladies, official training 08.40 - 09.20 / 13.15-13.40

Moguls – Ladies, qualification 09.30

Moguls – Men, official training 10.20-11.10 / 13.15-13.40

Moguls – Men, qualification 11.15

Moguls – Ladies, Final 14.00

Moguls – Men, Final 14.30

Prize-giving ceremonies 15.00

Team Captains Meeting, Draw 19.00

Sat February 14, 2009

Moguls inspection 09.20 -0 9.30 Ladies, 10.10-10.15 Men

Moguls – Ladies, official training 09.40 - 10.20 / 13:15 - 13:40

Dual Moguls - Ladies, qualification 10.30

Moguls - Men, official training 11.20-12.10 / 13:15-13:40

Dual Moguls – Men, qualification 12.15

Dual Mogul – Ladies and Men, Final 14.00

Prize-giving Ceremonies 15.00

Banquet and Party night 20.00

Chairlift Access

Lift access varies

Training & Competition (schedule distributed)

Ceremonies/Entertainment/Awards to immediately follow events on all days in the Finish Area.

Technical Delegate Report

The TD reported that the course have been measured.

Mogul course Slalombacken

Start Area 20 meters at 0 degrees

210 meters long at 27 degrees

1st air bump is 34 meters from start

2nd air bump is 173 meters from start

Finish area meters is 43 at 12 degrees

width 12 .5 meters

fence to fence 20 meters wide

FIS Report

New FIS Points List

Entries Report

33 ladies from 12 nations

63 men from 17 nations

96 skiers

World Cup Leaders Bibs





Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Ladies Moguls M. MARBLER AUT

Men's Moguls A. BILODEAU CAN

Connection Coaches


Are, SWE Fabien Bertrand, FRA

Air Bump Shapers

Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

Air Bump Shapers

Top Harold Marbler, AUT

Bottom Fabien Bertrand, FRA




Ladies qualification:

Johanna Eriksson

Sanne Mona

Frida Carlqvist (or Sofia Landsburg)

Mens qualification:

Marcus Nilsson

Ricky Svensson

Marcus Jäderberg


Ladies qualification:

David Sätherberg

Jens Lauritz

Alexander Olofsson

Mens qualification:

Emil Eriksson

Fredrik Sätherberg

Ludvig Fjällström

Weather Forecast

Days 0-3 Åre Weather Summary: A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -3°C on Thu afternoon, min -12°C on Tue night). Wind will be generally light.

Days 4-6 Åre Weather Summary: A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max -2°C on Fri morning, min -25°C on Sun night). Wind will be generally light.

Program of the Next Day – 2009

Wednesday 12:00 - 15:00

Thursday 10:00 - 13:00

MO TCM Draw 19:00 Thursday

DM TCM Draw 19:00 Friday

Information from the Organizers

there is a set parking area one car per team is allowed

bibs are handed out from the race office till 11;00, then they go mogul judges stand after that

pay for fees

Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

/ FIS Freestyle World Cup Team Captains Meetings / /

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