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== '''Canada Olympic Park, [[Calgary CAN]]''' == == '''Canada Olympic Park, [[Calgary CAN]]''' ==
 +[[Image:Canada Olympic Park mogul competition course FIS flag.jpg|550px]]
 +[[Image:Mogul course Canada Olympic Park 2014.jpg|550px]]
[[Image:COP Calgary CAN WC Jan 2010.jpg|550px]] [[Image:COP Calgary CAN WC Jan 2010.jpg|550px]]
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== '''Cypress Mountain Canada''' == == '''Cypress Mountain Canada''' ==
 +[[Image:Mogul course cypress mountain.jpg|550px]]
 +[[Image:Cypress OWG 2010 Mogul course from the area.jpg|550px]]
[[Image:Cypress Mogul Course 2009 Nightime.JPG|550px]] [[Image:Cypress Mogul Course 2009 Nightime.JPG|550px]]
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[[Image:Moscow Moguls 2016.jpg|550px]] [[Image:Moscow Moguls 2016.jpg|550px]]
 +[[Image:Moscow RUS Elevator Ramp.jpg|550px]]
== '''[[Perischer AUS]]''' == == '''[[Perischer AUS]]''' ==
 +[[Image:Perischer AUS Moguls Full.jpg|750px]]
[[Image:Perischer AUS Moguls.jpg|550px]] [[Image:Perischer AUS Moguls.jpg|550px]]
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== '''[[Rosa Khutor RUS]]''' == == '''[[Rosa Khutor RUS]]''' ==
-[[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS Finish Zone HAM Stadium.jpg|thumb|550px]]+[[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS Finish Zone HAM Stadium.jpg|550px]]
-[[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS Mogul Course OWG 2014.jpg|thumb|550px]]+[[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS Mogul Course OWG 2014.jpg|550px]]
[[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS MO Finish Area Kiss and Cry Zone.jpg|550px]] [[Image:Rosa Khutor RUS MO Finish Area Kiss and Cry Zone.jpg|550px]]
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== '''[[Sierra Nevada]] Spain''' == == '''[[Sierra Nevada]] Spain''' ==
 +[[Image:MO WC Final Sierra Nevada SPA 2013.jpg|550px]]
[[Image:Sierra Nevada SPN Moguls.jpg|550px]] [[Image:Sierra Nevada SPN Moguls.jpg|550px]]
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== '''[[Thaiwoo CHN]]''' == == '''[[Thaiwoo CHN]]''' ==
-[[Image:Thaiwoo China (1).jpg|850px]]+[[Image:Thaiwoo China (1).jpg|550px]]
 +[[Image:Thaiwoo CHN from lift MO - Edited.jpg|550px]]
== '''Tignes FRA Moguls Course''' == == '''Tignes FRA Moguls Course''' ==
Line 215: Line 231:
[[Image:Winter Park USA Moguls.png|550px]] [[Image:Winter Park USA Moguls.png|550px]]
 +[[Image:Winter Park USA Moguls.jpg|550px]]
== '''Also see''' == == '''Also see''' ==

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[edit] Mogul and Dual Mogul Courses

[edit] Dual Moguls Course

[edit] Moguls Course

[edit] Are SWE

[edit] Airolo SUI World Junior Championships March 2006

[edit] Canada Olympic Park, Calgary CAN

[edit] Cypress Mountain Canada

[edit] Deer Valley USA in Park City USA

[edit] Inawashiro JPN Mogul Course

[edit] La Plagne FRA

[edit] Lake Placid USA

[edit] Lake Tazawako JPN

[edit] Mont Gabriel CAN

[edit] Meribel France

[edit] Megeve France

[edit] Moscow Russia

Image:Moscow Mogul Ramp 2016.jpg

[edit] Perischer AUS

[edit] Ruka

[edit] Rosa Khutor RUS

[edit] Sierra Nevada Spain

[edit] Suomu FIN World Cup December 2009

Suomu FIN

[edit] Thaiwoo CHN

[edit] Tignes FRA Moguls Course

[edit] Valmalenco Italy

[edit] Val St. Come CAN

[edit] Voss NOR

Voss 2013

Voss 2013

Voss 2013

[edit] Winter Park USA

[edit] Also see

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