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Microporous and non-porous coating or lamination are used in fabrics. There are two mechanisms to make coated or laminated fabrics waterproof and moisture permeable. Microporous coating or lamination has very small pores that are bigger than vapor and still much smaller than a raindrop (the drop's diameter is larger than 3.0 micrometers = 3.0 micrometer.

This means that the perspiration vapor (the vapor's diameter is approximately 0.0004 micrometer) from your skin can pass through the fabric and yet rain cannot penetrate into the garment.

Microporous coatings (the diameter of the microporous coating ranges from 0.1 to 1.0 micrometer). Waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics can also be created using a nonporous coating or lamination. A nonporous coating or lamination utilizes the polymer's molecular movement (micro Brownian movement) to efficiently absorb perspiration vapor and disperse it throughout the fabric. 1 micrometer = 1/1,000 millimeter.

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