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== '''Promotional Value Generated:''' == == '''Promotional Value Generated:''' ==
-return to [[Freestyle Skiing]], [[Competition Marketing and Promotion]] or [[Competition Details]]+Return to [[Freestyle Skiing]], [[Competition Marketing and Promotion]] or [[Competition Details]]
 +[[category:Freestyle Skiing]]

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[edit] Location



Competition: MO/DM: AE: SX: HP:

[edit] TV Production

1. TV Production Company:

1.1. Host Post Production:

1.2. Number of Cameras:

1.3. Live to tape:

1.4. Video News Releases: Yes: No:

1.5. Number of Releases:

1.6. Duration of Releases:

1.7. Minutes of TV Distribution National:

1.8. Duration of programming:

1.9. Stations Aired:

1.10. Audience Ratings:

1.11. Audience share on TV:

[edit] Advertising Programmes / Partners

2.1. TV Advertising:

2.2. Radio Advertising:

2.3. News Paper Advertising:

[edit] Accreditations

3.1. Number of accredited Media:

3.2. Number of accredited TV:

3.3. Number of accredited Photographers:

3.4. Number of accredited Guests /VIP:

[edit] Press Conferences

4.1. Date: Time:

4.2. Date: Time:

[edit] Print Material

5.1. Posters (numbers printed):

5.2. News Paper articles:

5.3. Public Relations:

5.4. Flyers:

[edit] Sponsors

6.1. Bib Sponsors:

6.2. Banner Sponsors:

6.3. Gate Flag Sponsors:

6.4. Finish Area Sponsors:

[edit] Spectators:

[edit] Promotional Value Generated:

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