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[edit] Purpose

This document outlines the policies and procedures for selecting the Technical Delegate and Assistant Technical Delegates, Head Judge, Judges, Assistant Head Judge and Score Verifier for Freestyle FIS World Championships and Olympic Winter Games.

[edit] Nomination Process

The nomination process will consist of the following steps:

STEP 1 Applications for a specific assignment would be solicited to all eligible Technical Delegates. A deadline for applications will be identified. Generally, applications will be solicited approximately 18 to 24 months prior to the event.

STEP 2 Interested Candidates will send a resume to the FIS Rules and Technical Committee. The application requires the approval of the Candidate’s National Association.

STEP 3 The Chairman of the Rules and Officials Committee will identify the members of the Nominating Committee as defined below. At the close of the application deadline, the applications will be distributed to the full FIS Rules and Officials Committee and to the other members of the Nominating Committee.

STEP 4 The Nominating Committee will review the applications. It will then meet in conjunction with a regularly scheduled meeting of the FIS Freestyle Committees. The purpose of this meeting will be to nominate candidate(s) to be proposed to the Rules and Officials Committee. The Nominating Committee will identify a nominee for Technical Delegate and Assistant Technical Delegate and other FIS Officials. An alternate candidate will also be identified, as a back up in case of illness, jury nationality conflicts or other unforeseen problems.

STEP 5 The Rules and Officials Committee will confirm the selection and forward the nomination to the FIS Freestyle Committee for approval as outlined by FIS statutes.

STEP 6 Freestyle Committee forwards names to FIS Council for approval.

[edit] The TD Résumé

The Resume of the Technical Delegate may follow the format of a standard professional resume. It may be submitted with a cover letter if needed. The resume should include, but not be limited to, the following information: License status and history:

- A history of Freestyle Competitions worked in the role of a FIS Official.

- A history of other positions worked at Freestyle Competitions.

- Officials Clinics and Training attended and other Freestyle Training and Clinics attended.

- Other Freestyle experience and involvement and other relevant training experience.

[edit] The Nomination Committee

The purpose of the Nomination Committee is to evaluate the applications received and to select a candidate according to the goals and objectives of the Rules and Officials Committee. The Nomination Committee will consist of the following members:

All members of the FIS Rules and Technical Committee. However, no Committee member who is applying for the position under consideration may serve on the Nomination Committee. Only one vote allowed per country.

The FIS Freestyle Committee Representative from the host nation of the event. In the case that the host nation has no representative on the FIS Freestyle Committee, the host National Association may appoint one.

A FIS Staff representative as identified by the FIS Office.

The Nomination Committee will ordinarily be chaired by the Chairman of the Rules and Officials Committee. The Rules and Officials Chairman may delegate this role if desired. In the case that the Rules and Officials Chairman is ineligible, a chair will be elected from and by the members of the Nomination Committee.

[edit] Selection Goals and Objectives

The fundamental goal of the Nomination Committee is to identify the best possible candidate for the position. However, there are a number of other objectives, which are to be considered.

Those objectives include, but are not limited to the following:

Top level positions of this type should be spread throughout the field of qualified candidates. Generally, an assignment of this nature should be a one-time opportunity unless no other qualified candidates are available.

Consideration should be made to geographically spread top level assignments. Conflicts of personality and cultural incompatibility should be avoided.

Generally, an Official should work up through the following order: World Cups, Assist World Championships or Olympic Games; Major Official FIS Freestyle World Championships or Olympic Winter Games.

(Reference FSRT9709-11, FS9709-04)

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