Magnesium chloride

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Magnesium chloride Approximately 51% of world output is now used by cold countries to de-ice roads in winter Calcium chloride is preferred over sodium chloride, since CaCl releases energy upon forming a solution with water, heating any ice or snow it is in contact with.

It also lowers the freezing point, depending on the concentration. NaCl does not release heat upon solution; however, it does lower the freezing point.

It is also more readily available and does not have any special handling or storage requirements, unlike calcium chloride. The salinity (S) of water is measured as grams salt per kilogram (1000g) water, and the freezing temperatures are as follows.

S(g/kg) 0 10 20 24.7 30 35
T(freezing) (C) 0 -0.5 -1.08 -1.33 -1.63 -1.91

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