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Any Freestyle Skiing competition, the competitor or competitors ski through a set of features on course and they measured by judges and in some case they are timed.

The winner is the competitor who has the best performance as they pass through the course from the start to the finish.

This statement belies the organization and experience needed to stage most races but the principle is the same for all – The winner is the competitor who has the best performance.

For all competitions, there are three principle groups of Officials on the course necessary to conduct a competition.

  • At the start: Officials must be able to accurately time when a competitor leaves the start and ensure that it is done according to the rules.
  • Along the course: Officials must ensure each competitor correctly passes through the course and the course is properly set up and maintained.
  • At the finish: Officials must accurately record the time of the finish or the scores for each competitor and ensure it is done according to the rules.

Other essentials, common to all competitions include:

  • That the course is prepared and the track is laid out in advance of the competition.
  • There must be competent personnel to do all the documentation prior to the competition and produce the results.

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