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Lighting quality features

Lighting Quality is the sum total of all lighting quality features. For good lighting, a lighting installation needs to take account of every relevant quality feature and not be designed on the basis of just a single criterion such as illuminance.

Reading a book, assembling intricate components, working at a computer – the visual tasks our eyes need to perform in our private and working lives are defined by a range of different activities. These different tasks present different lighting quality requirements.

Each one relates to a specific quality feature:

  • lighting level determines brightness
  • glare limitation makes for vision free of interference by direct or reflected glare
  • harmonious brightness distribution ensures an even balance of luminance
  • light colour defines the colour appearance of lamps, and in combination with
  • colour rendering makes for correct recognition and differentiation of colours and defines room ambience
  • direction of light and modelling determine how well we recognise three-dimensional forms and surface structures.

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  • Lighting Quality [1]

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