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-'''[[Lift Line Speed]]''': The speed in '''meters per second''' or '''feet per minute''' that a lift can run. +'''[[Lift Line Speed]]''': The speed in '''[[meters per second]]''' or '''feet per minute''' that a '''[[ski lift]]''' can run.
-----+== '''Also See:''' ==
-Also See+*'''[[Carrier Spacing]]'''
 +*'''[[Lift Capacity Per Hour]]'''
*'''[[4002.1.3.4]]''' *'''[[4002.1.3.4]]'''
-*'''[[Lift Line Speed]]'''+*'''[[Aerial Tramway]]'''
 +*'''[[Chair Lift]]'''
 +*'''[[Detachable Grip]]'''
 +*'''[[Magic Carpet]]'''
 +*'''[[Platter Lift]]'''
 +*'''[[T-bar Lift]]'''
 +*'''[[Inspection and Training Sessions Principles Freestyle]]'''
 +*'''[[Competition Program Design Process]]'''
 +*'''[[Freestyle Skiing TV Production Standards]]'''
---- ----

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Lift Line Speed: The speed in meters per second or feet per minute that a ski lift can run.

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