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Link to Inawashiro 2009 web site;[1]

Link to FIS Web Site for the FIS Freestyle World Championship Inawashiro 2009 web site;[2]

See Promotional Video:[3]

FIS World Championship Video Summary: [[4]]

The Organizing Committee For The FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Inawashiro 2009

TEL : +81-242-72-1557 FAX : +81-242-72-1559

Final Inspection Report Inawashiro 2009

Dry Run Test

2009 Inawashiro 2009 Medical Plan

2009 Inawashiro Staff

Inawashiro Ski Cross Course for 2009 WSC

Team Captains Information WSC 2009

Accreditations Summarry Inawashiro 2009 Freestyle FIS World Championship

Other Items Inawashiro Japan

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