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Sport = Skiing

Freestyle Discipline = Is one of the 5 Olympic Skiing Disciplines of the International Ski Federation

FOP = Field Of Play includes Start Area, the Course and the Finish Area

Event = HP, SX, MO, AE,

MO = Moguls Freestyle Discipline, Winter Olympic Games event since 1992

AE = Aerials Freestyle Discipline, Winter Olympic Games event since 1994

SX = Ski Cross Freestyle Discipline, Winter Olympic Games event for 2010

HP = Halfpipe Freestyle Discipline,

Finish Area = the deceleration zone beyond the finish line at 0 degree angle

Start Area = Contains a start device and flat space where competitors and equipment is prepared

Course = ‘Inside of the Fences’ Course Specification according to IF

Stadium = Includes, the Course and the Spectator Viewing Area

Venue = Includes the Stadium and all of the related Infrastructure

IF = International Federation, in this case International Ski Federation (FIS)

OC = Organizers of the competition

OWG = Olympic Winter Games

Discipline = is a branch of a sport comprising one or several events

Event = A is a competition in a sport or in one of its disciplines, resulting in a ranking and giving rise to the award of medals and diplomas.

ICR = International Competition Rules, Cape Town (RSA) Version 2008

Skiers Left and Skiers Right, denotes the position of the viewer in relationship to the course.

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