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A competition official that determines if the skier has passed thru the gate according to the rules. See 4508.1.

A Gate Judge is responsible for the supervision of one or more gates. This supervision includes determining and recording whether or not a competitor's passage through the gates – both skis and both tips – was correct or incorrect according to current rules, verifying that the competitors do not accept outside help, maintaining and repairing his assigned section of the course, straightening gates, replacing broken gates and replacing torn and missing gate panels.

A competitor who does not have correct passage through a gate or who has accepted outside help has committed a “fault”.

In the case of an error or a fall, the competitor is permitted to ask the Gate Judge if a fault was committed. The Gate Judge, if asked, must inform the competitor if he has committed a fault that would lead to disqualification. The competitor is fully responsible for his action and, in this respect, cannot hold the Gate Judge responsible.

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