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'''Reference''' '''Reference'''
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*'''[[Chair Lift]]''' *'''[[Chair Lift]]'''
*'''[[T-bar Lift]]''' *'''[[T-bar Lift]]'''
- +* '''[[Rope Tow]]'''
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Funifor is a type of aerial lift or aerial tramway with two guide ropes and a haul rope loop per cabin. The Funifor design is patented by Doppelmayr Garaventa Group.

Two reversible cabins run on parallel tracks. The drives of the two cabins are not interconnected. At the top of each track, the haul rope for that track loops back to the bottom instead of looping over to serve the other track as occurs with a normal aerial tramway. This feature allows for single cabin operation when traffic warrants. The independent drive also allows for evacuations to occur by means of a bridge connected between the two adjacent cabins.

The main advantage of the Funifor system is its stability in high wind conditions owing to the horizontal distance between the two guide ropes comprising each track.


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