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Freestyle Skiing is one of the six Olympic disciplines administered by FIS - The International Ski Federation. [1]Image:Freestyle.jpg

It consists of the following events: Moguls, Aerials, Ski Cross and Half-Pipe.

See here for a video that explains the different events of Freestyle Skiing;[2]


The Background on Freestyle Skiing

  • There has always been a 'free' element in any aspect of skiing; so first the was free skiing and then came along ski competitions. In skiing, there is always a freedom of choice to decide what line to take down the slope or whether to go off a jump or not.
  • Freestyle Skiing is an expression of this aspect of freedom in skiing. The 1960's were a time of evolution, as young people looked for different forms of expression in winter sports. Freestyle skiing began to be organized in that decade when the advancements in modern ski equipment and freedom of expression led to new and exciting skiing techniques. Originally, a mix of alpine skiing and acrobatics, the first freestyle skiing competition was held in Attitash, New Hampshire in 1966.
  • A relative newcomer to the Olympic Winter Games, Freestyle Moguls became an Olympic event in 1992 in Albertville. Freestyle Aerials were added for the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. The newest Olympic Winter Games event, Freestyle Ski Cross, will make its debut in Vancouver in 2010.

For the Growth of Freestyle Skiing look here;

For more information on the different Freestyle events see;

Moguls and Dual Moguls

Overview of Mogul Skiing / Mogul Courses / Mogul Glossary / Mogul Judging And Scoring / Mogul Jump Definitions / 4200 Moguls / 4300 Dual Moguls
Mogul Skiing


Overview of Aerials, Aerial Courses, Aerial Glossary, Aerial Judging And Scoring, 4000, Aerials, Aerial Action, Water Ramps Aerials

Ski Cross;

Overview of Ski Cross, Ski Cross Courses, Ski Cross Glossary, 4500 Ski Cross Rules, Ski Cross Skill - Jumping, FAQ Ski Cross Ski Suits


Overview of Half-Pipe Skiing | Half-Pipe Courses | Half-Pipe Glossary, Half-Pipe Rules and Scoring

The Freestyle Skiing International Competition Rules

3000 Organisation / 4000 Aerials / 4200 Moguls / 4300 Dual Moguls / 4500 Ski Cross / 4600 Halfpipe /

Down load the pdf version of the new 2008 Freestyle ICR here; [3]

The Freestyle Equipment Rules

Freestyle Equipment Rules / Commercial Markings on Equipment

FIS Freestyle World Cup

Season 2009 - 2010 Freestyle FIS World Cup | Freestyle WC Officials Information | Contact information for FIS WC Freestyle Team Captains - Coaches 0809 | FRESSTYLE FIS WORLD CUP OFFICIALS ASSIGNMENTS Season 2008 - 2009 | Snow Control, Officials Arrival and Departure Dates Season 2008 - 2009 | Bibs for Freestyle Skiing | FIS Freestyle World Cup Organizers 2008 2009 | Data Service | FIS Freestyle World Cup Team Captains Meetings

FIS Freestyle World Championships

RULES FOR THE ORGANISATION OF FIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS / Freestyle Skiing Basic Course Information / Back Ground Information on the FIS Freestyle World Championships / Inawashiro 2009

Olympic Winter Games - Freestyle Skiing

FIS Freestyle Skiing Committee

Competition Organization

Check Lists / Job Descriptions / Competition Procedures / Competition Details / Competition Marketing and Promotion / Data Service / Technical Installations / Anti-Doping Program / Medical Guide / Event Medical Plan Freestyle Skiing / Freestyle Judges Cards / Rules of the FIS Points Freestyle / Freestyle Equipment List / Timing Glossary / Other Freestyle Skiing Competitions

Freestyle Officials Education and Programme

General Definitions | Technical Delegate Education | Judges Education | Officials Education | Freestyle Course Homologation Program | Working with Snow | 10 FIS Rules of Skiing | Freestyle Skiing Basic Course Information | Freestyle Skiing Major Competition Officials | Abbreviations | Ski Related Definitions

Freestyle TV Production

Freestyle TV Graphics | Shot List | Freestyle Camera Position Layout | TV Glossary of Terms


Frequently Asked Questions about Freestyle Skiing

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