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Freestyle Course Components

There are three main areas of the Freestyle Skiing course:

The Start

The start area including the warm up area, the start ramp and the start gate.

The Warm up area is an area delimited by rope or fencing provided for the convenience of the competitor and their coaches so they can prepare for the competition without interruption.

The Start Area must be large enough to allow the competitor to stand relaxed at the starting line. It must also be large enough to contain the competitor, any required Officials and the competitor’s coach.

The Start Ramp must have an angle of approximately but not greater than 45 degrees, steep enough to give the racer rapid acceleration. If needed, the ramp can be iced using salt and/or water. A shovel is an essential tool for the constant maintenance of the start ramp.

The Start Gate consists of a specially system, which mark the start line. They should be solidly anchored and iced in place. Also, a solid base should be provided for the competitor to stick his ski poles in front of the start gate. The competitors feet must stay behind the starting line until the start signal is given.

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