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-[[Image:Finish area owg sx hp 2010.jpg|500px]]+== '''[[Ski Cross]] [[Stadium]]''' ==
 +[[Image:Finish area owg sx hp 2010.jpg|500px]][[Image:SX Stadium 2010 Games Cypress CAN.jpg|500px]]
-[[Image:SX Stadium 2010 Games Cypress CAN.jpg|500px]]+[[Image:Finish area cross and pipe OWG 2010 Cypress.jpg|500px]][[Image:Cypress mountain vancouver olympics.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Cypress Cross PGS Pipe Course.jpg|500px]][[Image:Pipe cross FOP Bild 18 Snowboard.jpg|500px]]
-Return to, [[Cypress Venue Photos]], [[Vancouver 2010]], [[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[Olympic Winter Games - Freestyle Skiing]]'''+== '''Mogul and Aerial Stadium''' ==
 +[[Image:Vancouver 2010 OWG Mogul finish area.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Stand moguls and aerials Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Mogul Course Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Full stands Mogul Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Behind mogul judges stand cypress moutain OWG 2010.jpg|500px]][[Image:Mogul stand Vancouver 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:OWG 2010 Cypress video wall.jpg|500px]][[Image:Mogul Stand and Lights Vancouver 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +== '''Mogul Finish Area''' ==
 +[[Image:Exitgate Mogul Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|300px]][[Image:Finish area MO AE Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Aerial Finish and stand Area Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]][[Image:Mogul Finish area and stands with mixed zone comp day.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Score Board MO AE Vancouver 2010.jpg|500px]][[Image:Mogul Judges stand Vancouver 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +== '''[[Mixed Zone]]''' ==
 +[[Image:Mixed zone moguls Cypress CAN OWG 2010.jpg|500px]][[Image:Mogul course cypress mountain OWG 2010 lfinish zone.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Cypress OWG 2010 Mogul finish with lots of cameraman.jpg|500px]][[Image:TV Cameras Cypress OWG 2010.jpg|500px]]
 +== '''[[Half-Pipe]]''' ==
 +[[Image:HP Cypress mtn OWG 2010 lighting.jpg|265px]][[Image:HP OWG 2010 Cypress.jpg|525px]]
 +[[Image:Pipe Cypress OWG 2010-400x300.jpg|500px]][[Image:Pipe cross FOP Bild 18 Snowboard.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:Halfpipe OWG 2010 Cypress.jpg|500px]][[Image:HalfPipe Cypress OWG 2010 Start.jpg|500px]]
 +[[Image:Cypress OWG Snowboarding HP.jpg|500px]]
 +== Also see; ==
 +*'''[[Venue Development Vancouver 2010]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Cypress CAN]]'''
 +*'''[[Mogul Course Cypress CAN]]'''
 +*'''[[Aerial Site Cypress CAN]]'''
 +Return to, '''[[Cypress Venue Photos]]''', '''[[Vancouver 2010]], [[Freestyle Skiing]] or [[Olympic Winter Games - Freestyle Skiing]]'''
[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[Category:Olympics]] [[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]] [[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[Category:Olympics]] [[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]]
[[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]] [[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]]

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[edit] Ski Cross Stadium

[edit] Mogul and Aerial Stadium

[edit] Mogul Finish Area

[edit] Mixed Zone

[edit] Half-Pipe

[edit] Also see;

Return to, Cypress Venue Photos, Vancouver 2010, Freestyle Skiing or Olympic Winter Games - Freestyle Skiing

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