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Discipline ORIS Code Report Name
FR C06 Activity List
FR C07 Training Schedule
FR C08 Competition Schedule
FR C25 FIS World Cup Standings
FR C26 FIS Points List
FR C30 Number of Entries by NOC
FR C32C Entry List by Event
FR C32E Entry List by NOC
FR C35 Competition Officials
FR C38 Entry Data Checklist
FR C39 Entry Data Checklist - Competition Officials
FR C45A Draw List
FR C45B Seeding List (Ski Cross Qualification)
FR C45C Pace Time Calculation
FR C45D Bib Assignment by Event
FR C49 Weather Report
FR C51A Start List (Moguls)
FR C51B Start List (Aerials - Without Flight Plan)
FR C51C Start List (Aerials)
FR C51F Start List (Aerials Final - Jump 2 Reverse Order)
FR C51G Start List (ski cross qualification - Run 1)
FR C51H Start List (ski cross qualification - Run 2)
FR C51I Start List (ski cross finals)
FR C51J Start List Bracket (ski cross finals)
FR C58A Program (Moguls)
FR C58B Program (Aerials)
FR C58D Program (Ski Cross)
FR C65A Roll Call List
FR C65B Starters' Protocol (Aerials)
FR C65C Flight Plan (Aerials)
FR C65D Hand Timing Protocol
FR C66A Judges' Protocol (Moguls)
FR C66B Judges' Protocol (Aerials - Jump 1)
FR C66C Judges' Protocol (Aerials - Jump 2)
FR C66D Checklist (Ski Cross Qualification)
FR C67 Official Communication
FR C71A Partial Results (Aerials - Jump 1)
FR C71C Partial Results (ski cross qualification - Run 1)
FR C72A Unofficial Results (Moguls Qualification)
FR C72B Unofficial Results (Moguls)
FR C72C Unofficial Results (Aerials Qualification)
FR C72D Unofficial Results (Aerials)
FR C72E Unofficial Results (ski cross qualification)
FR C73A Results (Moguls Qualification)
FR C73B Results (Moguls)
FR C73C Results (Aerials Qualification)
FR C73D Results (Aerials)
FR C73E Results (ski cross qualification)
FR C73F Results (ski cross)
FR C75A1 Results Bracket (ski cross - 32 competitors bracket)
FR C75A2 Results Bracket (ski cross - 16 competitors bracket)
FR C77A Tie-breaking Protocol (Moguls)
FR C77B Tie-breaking Protocol (Aerials)
FR C77D Lane Choice Analysis (ski cross)
FR C77E Judges Analysis
FR C81 Best Scores Broken/Equalled
FR C92A Medallists
FR C93 Medallists by Event
FR C95 Medal Standings

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