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World Snow Day to launch in 2012

As a next step in the multi-year FIS campaign ‘Bring Children to the Snow’, FIS is seeking to encourage a large number of children and their families to be part of the World Snow Day, a snow festival consisting of various national activities taking place simultaneously the world over.

The goal of the World Snow Day is to promote snow sports and enable children to come together with their families to experience and enjoy the fascination of snow. With an annual worldwide snow festival, FIS hopes to create global momentum for a great future in snow sports.

The World Snow Day will launch with the winter season 2012/13 and the inaugural edition will take place on the last Sunday in January 2012, i.e. on 29th January 2012. Optionally, if previously scheduled activities are already planned, the World Snow Day may take place during the week from 23rd January.

FIS will provide a platform with ideas and promotional opportunities to communicate the national activities and to promote snow sports towards the younger generations. Organisers, from the National Ski Associations to ski clubs, ski resorts and individuals, will be able to profit from exciting rewards as the best ideas for fun snow activities in the different categories will be awarded.

Collaboration with partners and sponsors, amongst others the ski industry, the world of ski tourism and ski schools as well as governmental authorities, will be an integral part of the World Snow Day.

“Be part of the world’s biggest day in snow!”

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